Sunday, September 20, 2009

Le Chocolat Muse.... Lava island

Haven't updated it sooo long! COuldn't find the XD card adapter... which was behing Samuel Mui's speakr the whole time. Must have dropped behind there accidently. But now I have the adapter, and must update.... so these are bit of leftover mini Chocolat Muses that I had oni a little bit of time to decorate.. so nothing fancy, just dribbling and oozing with chocolate.. I should be Chocolate Girl not baker girl.... hm.... and of course nuts and some gourmet cadbury tiramisu and rum choc

BTW: Accidently figured out how to make choc jimmies: Pipe out choc with a plastic piping bag cut real small, then draw the thin lines all over clear film wrap draped over a bowl or plate. Let them set, then gather up the cling film and scrunch to break the choc up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

September Special: Indulgence Brownies

For this month, Beka's Bakery offers a special deal for you.

RM 55 for 7 x 2 inch round rich and dense brownie cake, with delicious chocolate and nut filling, topped with Chocolate Ganache icing and decorated with choc decorations (roses) of your choice. The perfect rich choice for any choc lover!
Also available: 6 mini-brownie cakes decorated in the same way.
RM100 for double-sized cake or 12 mini-cakes!

For extra Fondant/Choc Clay covering: RM70 for 7x2 cake

Beka's Bakery
Half the sugar for double the taste!